Nancy Moore
Wedding Minister — Wedding Officiant

asheville wnc nc wedding in nature
Julie and Brandon at Campfire Lodgings

Oh Nancy, I LOVE your site!!! And I want to say to anyone that reads this, that Nancy is a Transmitter and Anchor of Christ Consciousness and Love on this Planet. That she enabled my partner and I to weave our very own ceremony of Love. Her prescence and ministering on our sacred day soothed my frazzled nerves and focused us all to have the most wonderful, magical wedding day. I love you!!!!!!!! —Justin Hayman

asheville wnc nc wedding in nature
Elisabeth and Bryan near the Blue Ridge Parkway

My mission is to offer support and encouragement for:

  • Alternative ceremonies customized to express the uniqueness of your sacred union.
  • Outdoor wedding locations.
  • Memorable natural settings.
  • Ceremonies in the Asheville area, Western NC, and other locations.
  • Holding a space of love for your ceremony and to be available for continued harmony in your relationship.
  • Union ceremonies.
  • Vow renewal.
  • Spirit Essence merging energies paintings.

Your presence was a major contributor to the overall incredible nature of the celebration. —Sarah and Drew

Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

asheville wnc nc wedding in nature
Stephanie and Chris on their organic farm

A big, formal, church wedding isn’t for everybody.

  • Are you desiring a simpler way of living/being, and desire this reflected in your marriage ceremony?
  • Do you feel the sacred in your relationship and wish to incorporate this deeper expression?
  • Do you wish to combine the traditional and alternative?
  • Are nature, the environment, and sustainability key words in your thinking?

I am available for customized, nondenominational weddings and holy union ceremonies, helping you create your own unique expression which reflects what is important to you.

This is perfect. How can we ever thank you enough. Forever grateful. —Vikki and Spotswood

The Brown Family at Cherokee Jessica and Justin at NC Arboretum
The Brown Family at Cherokee Jessica and Justin at NC Arboretum

The hairs on the back of my neck stand out thinking about such an honorable event. Thank you for being someone that has the type of life and spirit who could lead such a ceremony. —Reverend Rebecca Clark

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