Vow Phrases

Arranged by Theme

Design your own vows. Use your favorite phrases.

Use the phrases here, as they are, or use them to inspire your own ideas.

String them together however you wish.

Accept Vows (3)
Describe how you will accept each other.

Amazing Vows (3)
Declare what is amazing.

Appreciation Vows (8)
Express how you will appreciate each other.

Beauty Vows (2)
Declare how you will see beauty in each other.

Beloved Vows (3)
Proclaim how you will hold your partner as your beloved.

Bless Vows (4)
Tell how you will see your partner as a blessing.

Bond Vows (3)
Describe the bonding you will share.

Caring Vows (2)
State how you will care about and for each other.

Celebration Vows (5)
Proclaim how you will celebrate each other.

Cherish Vows (2)
Announce how you will cherish each other.

Commit Vows (3)
Affirm your commitment each other.

Compassion Vows (3)
Express the compassion you will feel.

Creation Vows (2)
Proclaim what you will create together.

Dream Vows (4)
Share your dreams.

Embrace Vows (5)
Announce how you embrace each other.

Forgive Vows (2)
Share your commitment to forgiveness.

Friend Vows (3)
Affirm your friendhip.

Giving Vows (4)
How will you give?

God Vows (5)
Proclaim God as your center.

Grace Vows (2)
Sing praises of grace.

Gratitude Vows (3)
Express gratitude for each other.

Guidance Vows (2)
Surrender to guidance.

Harmony Vows (2)
Flow with harmony.

Heart Vows (6)
Let your hearts open.

Holy Vows (2)
Allow Holy Spirit's guidance.

Honor Vows (4)
Affirm how you will honor each other.

Intention Vows (4)
State what your intentions are.

Join Vows (3)
Express the joining of your spirits.

Love Vows (9)
Declare love as your foundation.

Merging Vows (2)
Commit to merging as one.

Oneness Vows (3)
Surrender to oneness.

Partner Vows (2)
Affirm your partnership.

Peace Vows (2)
Allow peace.

Power Vows (3)
Strengthen the power of love.

Prayer Vows (2)
Deepen in prayer.

Sacred Vows (6)
Proclaim the sacred.

Sharing Vows (5)
Celebrate your sharing.

Soul Vows (3)
Allow the soul's intent.

Spirit Vows (3)
Let spirit sing.

Strength Vows (2)
Affirm your strength through loving.

Support Vows (3)
Dedicate your support.

Surrender Vows (2)
Express how you will surrender.

Tender Vows (3)
Express your tenderness.

Together Vows (2)
Commit to togetherness.

Touch Vows (2)
Share the touching of hearts.

Union Vows (5)
Share your union.